CARASIP protects property!

Sun, rain, heat, cold - your vehicle is constantly exposed to the weather, the paint is dull or blunt. With the CARASIP care products you help him back to its former glory. Whether car, caravan, motorbike or boat - with our perfectly coordinated products for paint care and surface optimization are even easy for a professional.

Cleaning - polishing - sealing.
These are the three basic pillars for a shiny result. Intensive Cleaner, paint cleaners, polishes and grinding compounds with different abrasive effect and wax sealing - CARASIP offers for each type of paint suitable care product.

With CARASIP is also the somewhat neglected "beloved car" back to the brilliant eye-catcher!

Protect your values - permanently.
You will be amazed!

Our advice

Shippingtime: ca. 3-4 days
15,50 EUR
15,50 EUR per
Leather Care 250 ml
Shippingtime: ca. 3-4 days
11,69 EUR
4,68 EUR per
Leather Deep cleaner 250 ml
Shippingtime: ca. 3-4 days
9,94 EUR
3,98 EUR per
Leather 4-piece set
Shippingtime: ca. 3-4 days
28,15 EUR